Greetings fellow sentient being! I'm Benjamin, and in this crazy and choatic planet of ours I want to unabashedly say it brings me immesurable joy to inspire the world with the stories I tell and the music I write. As a composer I love to collaborate in making scores to accompany visual mediums, although I regard it as making music for life, inspiration, happiness and getting those strange tingles on the back of your neck.

When I was born, I was named by my brother and sister after Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit. From day one I've been a dreamer and my dreams are a big influence on me. As a teenager they began to literally manifest in my waking consciousness, which was an experience that has immensely shaped my creative style and life philosophy. I use dreams to gather ideas and refine my music, as well as to guide my most important life choices. Ultimately my greatest wishes are to transcend time and space, give much more love to the world than I can possibly imagine, and to have music I've made leave our planet inside a spaceship as one of the examples of artistic human endeavour.

My life purpose is to make amazing music and to inspire happiness in whichever form it takes. I hope to see you soon!


Mister Benjamin Speed ยท MUSIC REEL